Mah Thai Kennel

About Us

We are located on a small ranch in rural Northern California. We are full-time breeders, this is not just a hobby, this is a passion. We are passionate about TRDs
and animals in general. As such when you consider a dog from us, expect to be interviewed and understand we will not place our dogs with just anyone. The
Thai Ridgeback Dog is a special breed that requires a commitment from its
owner and household.

Our dogs and puppies live a very social life alongside their human, canine,
feline, and equine family. And yes we are a ranch, so we are also home to chickens and goats though, we keep them apart from our energetic little TRDs, especially since this loyal human companion is a natural hunter.

You may not find everything you are looking for on my site so I openly refer other reputable and caring TRD breeders. We work together in an effort to eliminate the purchase of TRDs from negligent breeders and "puppy mill" establishments. Responsible breeders will always do an extensive interview on perspective families, because we care about our dogs, the breed, and you. My dogs are not for everyone, but if you are interested, I'd be happy to talk with you, or Phathu can respond to your emails...

Reputable Breeders I Network and Breed with:

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